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Hi I’m Beth and I’m a mom of 2 beautiful girls ages 14 and 8. I am married to the greatest guy and we live in the suburbs of New York. I’m a born and raised New Yorker. I’m a real New Yorker. I love clothes, I love beauty products and I love crafting. I’m a social worker by profession but haven’t worked as a “social worker” since my daughter Bella was born in 2000. However I social work every day because that’s what I do. I am a natural helper. What makes me so happy and can take me from a bad mood to a good mood is a sleeveless cashmere cowl neck sweater (which I google every day to find good ones) and a fabulous pair of great jeans. I have so many pairs of jeans it’s a bit of an obsession. I have great jeans. I’m a mom in her 40’s but that doesn’t stop me from dressing fabulous and honestly it shouldn’t stop you either. On this blog I’m going to share me and everything I love. I also live for my kids and am a bit of an over involved mom. I’m working on not being as involved because when you have a high-schooler you realize that being too involved can actually hurt more than help. I’ll get into that at a later time. I also live for stamping. I make tons of cards. I have just started selling my cards locally and that feels great. I love Simon Says Stamp. It rocks. I love make-up and hair products and skin products and body washes. I love to shower, put make-up on (just a bit) throw on a cashmere sweater or in the summer a great t-shirt and great jeans and I feel prepared to face the world. I don’t understand women who become moms and let themselves go. I can help those women if they want help. There’s nothing in the world better then looking and feeling good. There’s nothing better than being healthy happy and active. There’s nothing better than looking better than you did when you were younger. I want to help women feel and look better. I have beauty, fashion, crafting, mothering, cleaning and organizing and life experience and I want to be a source of inspiration to women who want to be or who want to connect with me. I have been asked for years to share my beauty, parenting, fashion and diy tips by friends, family and strangers but I was always afraid feeling like i didn’t have anything important to share but I know now that I do and people want to hear these things so I am finally taking the plunge. Well, that’s a little part of me so i hope you enjoy my blog. 

Here are some of my favorite finds: